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Split, Split County

Split, Split County

Split-Dalmacija County

The town of Omis, Split County

The town of Omis, Split County

The Marjan forest, Split County

The Marjan forest, Split County

Central Dalmatia possesses one of Europe’s most dramatic shorelines.

A stark, grey wall of the coastal mountain massif sweeps down towards a lush strip of seaboard dotted with palm trees and olive plantations.

Central Dalmatia is one of the most urbanized parts of the Adriatic coast, with suburban Split creeping steadily along the shore in both directions, and the resorts of the Makarska Riviera lining up towards the south.

However it is also home to antiquated villages and harsh natural wildernesses, which can often be found just a few minutes’ walk uphill from the coastal strip.

The town of Split

The town of Split, Split County, Dalmatia

The town of Split, Split County

Marina at night, Split

Marina at night, Split

The hub around which everything on this stretch of coast revolves is Split, a teeming, chaotic but ultimately addictive city that also serves as the Adriatic’s main ferry port.

Just another town on the coast of the Adriatic Sea?

First, Split is a city of around 200,000 inhabitants - that makes it the second largest city in Croatia.

Split is blessed with a clear blue sea, clear skies and -most of the year - golden sunshine.

Sunshine for most of the year, especially during summer, causes a particular kind of mood which even has a name, Fjaka, it is a psychophysical state of mind, a state of numbness and unreserved relaxation (a word to nearest to explain Fjaka would be Nirvana).

More about Fjaka and other Dalmatian perceptions here. 

Split, Riva at night

Split, Riva at night

Adriatic Seafront, Split

Adriatic Seafront, Split

The Riva,

the main seafront boardwalk, is not only bursting with bars and restaurants it also offers a view of the port, the nearby islands and of course Marjan.


is a hill on the peninsula of the city of Split.  It is covered by a dense Mediterranean pine forest and is bounded by the city on one side and the sea.


Split, Marjan

Split, Marjan

Split, Marjan aerial view and hermitage caves on marjan hill in insert

Split, Marjan Hill aerial view - hermitage caves on Marjan Hill in insert

Split, Saint Duje Cathedral

Split, Saint Duje Cathedral

Saint Duje

Close to the Riva Saint Duje's the famous cathedral. Saint Duje, is the patron of Split and is celebrated every year on the 7th of May with a huge celebration.

Note: when visiting the cathedral, the ticket allows you climb right to the top of St.Duje's and enjoy a great panoramic view of the town.

Split, A bit of history

Split, A bit of history

A bit of history
Split, Peristil-Square

Split, Peristil-Square

Split, Gate to Diocletian's palace

Split, Gate to Diocletian's palace

The first "investing tourist" of this town was the Roman emperor, Diocletian, who built himself a luxurious mansion, nay,

a Palace, of around 30,000 square meters, planned as his retirement home. Diocletian finally retired to the palace in A.D. 305.

Emulating a Roman fort town, it was built near the Roman colony of Salona, founded 78 B.C., of which extensive ruins survive.

Split, Diocletian's palace, subterranean

Diocletian's palace, subterranean

When Salona was destroyed by the Avars in the early seventh century a.d., the inhabitants took refuge in the nearby palace.

In the following centuries Split grew in and around the vast palace of the Roman emperor.

During the Middle Ages Split became the flourishing port of Dalmatia, Split was held by the Byzantine Empire from 812 to 1069 and eventually fell into the hands of the Venetian Republic in 1420.

For more information on Diocletian's palace see here.

Split, Ultra Europe is one of the biggest EDM and house music festivals

Split, Ultra Europe is one of the biggest EDM and house music festivals

Aida at the Splitsko ljeto - Split summer festival 2015

Aida at the Splitsko ljeto - Split summer festival 2015

Compared to the rest of Europe, summer lasts for a long time in Split.

Tourist season starts around March/April and lasts well into October.

This period is filled with loads of activities for all ages, many festivals and concerts, whether for the young (such as Ultra Europe) or for the more mature and sophisticated (like Splitsko ljeto - Split summer - cultural event which lasts through most of the summer).

Rainbow off Split

Sailing into the rainbow off Split

There are numerous nightclubs with various types of music that will try and cater for almost anyone's taste.

On the other hand, the winters, although quite short are far from boring.

Nature provides two kind of winds, the southerly JUGO - a warm wind coming across the Mediterranean from Africa - and the cold and stormy northerner the locals call BURA.

Split - New Year celebrations

Split - New Year celebrations

The local authorities are working hard to keep Split in a pleasant mood in the town during winter.

St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. During Christmas season stalls are erected that offer numerous specialties in foods, sweets or drinks, as well as some souvenir shops.

There is a 10 day Carnival in February with colorful processions and live music from local bands during the days and masked balls well into the night.

Sunset, Split

Just outside the city,

Sunset, Split

The island town of Trogir

The coast south of Split is probably mainland Dalmatia’s most enchanting stretch, with the mountains glowering over a string of long pebble beaches, although along the Makarska Riviera crowded resorts are beginning to put the squeeze on the fishing villages.

Cetina gorge, Central Dalmatia

Cetina gorge, Central Dalmatia

The dramatic Cetina gorge and the weird lakes of Imotski provide ample excuses for excursions inland.

Klis Fortress, Central Dalmatia

Klis Fortress

Klis Fortress, Central Dalmatia

Klis Fortress

Klis Fortress and Vranjaca Cave

High above Split, in between the mountains of Kozjak and Mosor, there stands the ancient fortress of Klis .

Historically Klis fortress has served both as the gateway to inland Dalmatia as well as the guardian of the area where today are the ancient towns of Split, Solin and Kaštela still thrive.

Klis then and now

Game of Thrones: Klis-Meereen

Game of Thrones: Klis-Meereen

One can certainly admire the forgotten architects who designed the walls of Klis to withstand any attacks.

In more recent times, some of the most memorable scenes of the Game of Thrones were filmed on Klis.

Last but not least do not ignore the majestic views over Split and the islands…

Klis fortress represents the city of Meereen in Game of Thrones.

Properties for Sale

Six furnished holiday apartments for sale near Split Price €339,000

Six furnished holiday apartments for sale near Split

This property comprises 320 sq m of living area on a 150 sq m plot.

Large villa offering six fully furnished...

P.ID.: IBVN4-18

More Information

Part completed house. Island of Šolta off Split Price €99,000

Part completed house. Island of Šolta off Split

Three bedrooms

Living room / dining room

Bathroom & toilet

Extra wc


Property is located on a beautiful spot - only 100 m from...

P.ID.: IBVN2-86

More Information

Super apartment on the island of Ciovo Price €198,000

Super apartment on the island of Ciovo

Really nice apartment for sale on the Island of Ciovo close to Trogir and Split.

Wonderful sea views.

Hallway, living room,

Kitchen /...

P.ID.: IBVN2-57

More Information

Apartment house for sale - Island of Korčula Price €150,000

Apartment house for sale - Island of Korčula

160 sq m in total on a plot of 1460 sq m

Traditional style construction comprising four apartments - with sea...

P.ID.: IBVN2-50

More Information

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