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Apartments, Houses and Chalets for Sale in Zadar town and Zadar county, Croatia.

Queen’s Beach, Nin lagoon, Zadar County

Queen’s Beach, Nin lagoon, Zadar County

Queen’s Beach, Nin lagoon, Zadar County

The Ravni kotari region, between mountains and see, Zadar County

The Zadar region is situated in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic and is the northern-most county of the Dalmatian region.

The island archipelago gives it diversity, a clean blue sea, an enormous sea surface, fertile Ravni kotari and the peaks of the Velebit, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Rich and lush nature and a pleasant Mediterranean climate have left numerous human traces and historical monuments.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park, Zadar County, Dalmatia

The Plitvice Lakes National Park, Zadar County

Telašćica National Park, Zadar County

Telašćica National Park, Zadar County

The County of Zadar

The County of Zadar is the central maritime region of Croatia and the eastern Adriatic coast.

Zadar county is located at the meeting point of several geographic areas makes it an attractive destination in Croatia that can easily be reached by road, air or sea.

Plitvice lakes, Zadar County

Plitvice lakes, Zadar County

The region extends over 1250 km (or 20%) of the Croatian coastline It consists of 300 islands and islets.

The most famous national parks in and near this region are: The Plitvice lakes, Kornati Islands, Krka Waterfalls, Paklenica and North Velebit which is under UNESCO protection. There are also the nature parks of Lake Vrana and Telašćica in the western part of the island of Dugi otok.


Zadar is perhaps sometimes overlooked as a destination in Croatia, possibly because it is slightly out of the way of the crowds further south in Dalmatia.

The Town of Zadar, Dalmatia, Croatia

The Town of Zadar, North Dalmatia

The town of Zadar

Zadar is an ancient Mediterranean port city. The old town, surrounded by walls and towers on a peninsula, with a new, urban part is connected by a bridge, a symbol of the city.

Zadar Pedestrian Bridge, Dalmatia, Croatia

Zadar Pedestrian Bridge

Zadar sea wall, Dalmatia, Croatia

Zadar sea wall

Zadar is the cultural, economic and administrative center of the region. The city is 3000 years old and for centuries it was the capital of Dalmatia.

The old town is very rich with world known cultural monuments which can be seen throughout the city.

The ancient street plans on the peninsula, dating from the Roman Empire, have been preserved (with minor alterations) to this day .

St. Donat Church and Campanile bell tower, Zadar

St. Donat Church and Campanile bell tower

Zadar is a town with many pedestrian areas.

A pleasant walk along the ancient stone-paved lanes of the old town is perfect for learning more about the town’s rich history and experiencing its modern pace of life.

The symbol of the city is the pre-Romanesque, iconic Carolingian, church of St. Donat dating back to the 9th century.

In Zadar you can see some of the most beautiful samples of Croatian Romanesque architecture:

St. Donat Church and Campanile bell tower, Zadar

St. Donat Church and Campanile bell tower

Zadar also boasts two truly unique modern attractions on the seafront:

The Sea Organ (morske orgulje), Zadar

The Sea Organ (morske orgulje)

The Sea Organ (morske orgulje)
The Sea Organ (morske orgulje), Zadar

The Sea Organ (morske orgulje)

When you are stuck with an ugly concrete seashore hailing from post-WWII reconstruction efforts, how can you make it better? Simple! Make it into a sea-organ. This 70 meter long marvel is located on the coast near the Zadar. It harnesses the water and winds of the Adriatic Sea to create random, but beautiful, music.

The sea-organ is known as “morske orgulje” in Croatian.

It was designed by architect Nikola Basic and opened to the public in 2005. The music is generated as wind and water enter the pipes on the concrete stairs and go into resonant chambers. The sounds exit through the wholes at the top, and that’s why you can find a lot of children listening to the aquatic music with their ear against the concrete.

Greeting to the Sun, Zadar

Greeting to the Sun

"Greeting to the Sun"
Greeting to the Sun, Zadar

Greeting to the Sun

The "Greeting to the Sun" experiance interconnects with the Sea Organ augments the incredible cultural core in this southern part of the city, on the Zadar Peninsula.

This high tech installation is made up of 300 multi-layered glass plates placed on the same level as the stone-paved waterfront in the shape of a 22-meter diameter circle. Under the glass conduction plates photo-voltage solar modules enable symbolic communication with nature.

The aim is to communicate with the aid of light, just like the Sea Organ does with sound.

So, each time the sun sets, you have the opportunity to witness the beauty of the nature combined with human ingenuity.

Greeting to the Sun, Zadar

Greeting to the Sun

The Beaches of Zadar

The Beaches of Zadar, Dalmatia

The Beaches of Zadar

The Beaches of Zadar-Lojena Beach, Dalmatia

Lojena Beach

Lojena Beach

Turquoise water and white sand, just like in Carribiean. It is a small shingle beach with sand and a bay ringed by a floating boom. The underwater world will amaze you with its beauty and tranquil movements. There is a sunken boat right in the center of the bay. There also is a WW2 German boat that sunk just off the shore, a little out of the bay that is regularly visited by divers in the region.

Nin's Lagoon Beach
The Beaches of Zadar-Nin's Lagoon Beach, Dalmatia

Nin's Lagoon Beach

Nin is a magical oasis of sandy beaches that extend for about 8,000 meters. It is often proclaimed as the most beautiful beach in Croatia. The Nin's lagoon abounds in favorable winds, it a wind-surfer`s dream destination.

On location there are 2 kite/windsurf schools for the beginners.

For advanced kiters there is a open-sea area between Nin and the island of Pag.

The Beaches of Zadar-Sakarun Beach, Dalmatia

Sakarun Beach

Sakarun Beach

Situated 20 miles west of Sali on Dugi Otok Island, Sakarun is a dependable getaway from city beaches. The beach itself is a pebble/sand like many others in Croatia. The water is shallow quite far out into the bay. One can keep on walking out and still be able to stand on the sea floor. As a result, the water in the bay is a bit warmer there than on other beaches along the Zadar coastline.

Soline Beach
The Beaches of Zadar-Soline Beach, Dalmatia

Soline Beach

A pebble beach stretches in front of Camp Soline.

For the fans of sandy beaches, especially children, the beach is ideal. It is the most beautiful beach in the Biograd area. Guests can rent paddle boats and kayaks, or have fun on the trampoline.

The swimming area of the beach is enclosed and closed of to water-scooters, surfers and boats.

For water-sport fans there are special areas away from the swimming zone.

The Beaches of Zadar-Sovinje FKK Beach, Dalmatia

Sovinje FKK Beach

Sovinje FKK Beach

Sovinje is a naturist beach within the Sovinje FKK camp. It is located at the end of the island road, on the outskirts of village Tkon. This kind of sand beach is a natural phenomenon and there are only a few beaches on the Adriatic sea of the same configuration (the most known is the island of Susak). The secret of its beauty lies in the constant sedimentation of sand from the surrounding cliffs.

Beach type: Sand beach

Facilities: Pine tree shadow

Recommended for: Fun & sports, families with babies, elderly people

Access by: Foot, car, bike, moped

Nearby: Café bar

Sea water quality: Excellent

Properties for Sale

Right on the beach at Seline near Zadar Price €79,000

Right on the beach at Seline near Zadar

New build due for completion June 2018

Property with living area of 44,37 m2 is located in the top floor.

It consists...

P.ID.: IBVN7-20

More Information

Villa for sale just north of Zadar Price €450,000

Villa for sale just north of Zadar

Villa for sale with three furnished apartments in a top holiday location.

Constructed on four floors and consists of following functional...

P.ID.: IBVN11-7

More Information

New build apartments in Kožino near Zadar Price €275,000

New build apartments in Kožino near Zadar

Only 75m to the sea

Local shopping

Two bedrooms

Ideal as investment properties or personal use

Easy access and access to all the islands...

P.ID.: DPIC476

More Information

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