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Apartments, Houses and Chalets for Sale in and around the towns of Labin and Rabac, Croatia.

The towns of Labin and Rabac - Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

Rabac bay - Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

Labin and Rabac are two adjacent townships in the south-east Istria functioning as a single municipal unit.

The towns of Labin and Rabac - Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

The towns of Labin and Rabac - Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

Medieval Labin, on the hills above the sea, overlooks Rabac situated in the bay below. While Labin provides rich cultural and historical heritage with numerous museums and art galleries.

Rabac basks in the splendor of untouched nature, beautiful beaches and a wide choice of tourist services.

The town of Labin

Labin - The town

Labin - The town

Labin, originally a mining town, is situated on a 320 metre high hill that offers an irresistible view of a small fishing village of Rabac below.

The town of Labin - Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

The town of Labin, aerial view, Croatia

The central square with the perfectly preserved loggia and main town gate of St. Flora from the 16th century is well worth a visit. Above the gate is the town’s coat of arms and Venetian lion, symbol of Venetian rule.

Strolling through the town one will also encounter the cannon from the Austrian period and many other interesting details.

Labin’s nightlife offer mostly covers cultural events such as classical music concerts or various art exhibitions.

The towns of Labin and Rabac - Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

The town of Rabac - Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

The town of Rabac

Rabac used to be just a small fishing settlement which gradually developed into a principal tourist destination.

The towns of Labin and Rabac - Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

The town of Rabac - Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

Rabac is the major tourist resort on the eastern coast of the Istrian Peninsula. Situated in Kvarner Bay, at the foot of towering slopes protecting the town and also ensuring a mild Mediterranean climate, Rabac with a tourist capacity of nearly 10,000 beds can justly claim the title of ‘the pearl of Kvarner’.

Rabac can boast an impeccably clear sea and untouched, naturally beautiful and accessible beaches, the majority of them awarded with the Blue Flag.


Rabac - Fun on the Beach

Beaches in Rabac

Beaches in Rabac

Beaches in Rabac

Lanterna Beach
Beaches in Rabac - Lanterna-Beach

Beaches in Rabac - Lanterna-Beach

The beach is located just below the Marina hotel. It can reached by several paths through a lovely shaded forest. Lanterna is a beautiful pebble beach with easy access to the sea. It attracts many visitors, especially families with children.

Deck- chairs and parasols, as well as other beach and water sports equipment can be rented at the beach Lifeguard service throughout the day. The swimmers sea border line has been set. Because of the cleanliness and other qualities such as exceptional water quality, it has been awarded the Blue Flag.

Refreshments can be found at the Tropic bar.

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St. Andrea Beach
Beaches in Rabac - St. Andrea-Beach

Beaches in Rabac - St. Andrea-Beach

The beach is situated in the tourist resort and hotel area, next to the Girandela Hotel. This Rabac beach at has a Blue Flag, an internationally recognized symbol of high quality services, clean sea and shore, cleanliness and required equipment at beaches.

St. Andrea beach has both sandy and rocky parts that will meet the swimmers needs. On the beach one can rent deck- chairs and parasols, as well as various water and beach sport equipment.

There is the life guard service throughout the day. The swimmers sea border line has been set.

There are several excellent restaurants near the beach.

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Ravni Beach
Beaches in Rabac - Ravni-Beach

Beaches near Rabac - Ravni-Beach

Ravni is a small and peaceful village down the Istrian coast some 8 kilometers south of Rabac.

The beach is secluded and never crowded so one can have a peaceful rest in harmony with the nature.

The Beaches are paved and partly pebbly so it is the favorite beach for many locals. Ravni is a famous destination for surfers because of suitable winds. The clean wqaters and easy access to the deep sea attracts a many divers.

Ravni is an ideal choice if you want to take a rest from crowds and enjoy nature.

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Maslinica Beach
Beaches in Rabac - Maslinica-Beach

Beaches in Rabac - Maslinica-Beach

Maslinica beach is a 500 meter long pebbly beach, slap center in the middle of town, where one can have fun and enjpy many different water sports.

For its qualities it has been awarded a Blue flag.

The beach is surrounded by many hotels and a magnificent Mediterranean forest. A part of the beach, as well as nearby facilities and access to the beach, is planned for people with disabilities.

One can find many restaurants and bars; sport facilities and water slides near the beach.

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Beaches in Rabac

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