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Novigrad - Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

Novigrad - Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

Novigrad - Cittanova

Novigrad, once a peaceful fishing port has, over the years, become a compelling tourist destination. Whilst popular with tourists from all around the world, Novigrad has managed to keep its friendly and appealing charm of a typical unobtrusive Mediterranean fishing town.

Novigrad from the air

Novigrad from the air

Its harbor is always busy.

Fishermen knitting their nets, washing buckets, talking…

Probably complaining one to another about bad economy, lack of fish, high petrol prices…

Novigrad - city wall

Novigrad - city wall

Seagulls keep screaming, reminding fishermen that despite everything they need to eat.

Novigrad was originally an islet that was joined to the mainland only in the 18th century. The old town has maintained its medieval urban plan until today. Originally the Roman settlement went by the name of Emona (Emonia) which became Neapolis in the 6th century and then Civitas Nova (Newtown). Novigrad is the Slavic translation.

Novigrad - city wall at night

Novigrad - city wall at night

The various masters Novigrad-Cittanova had had throughout its history - Byzantines, Franks, Germans, Venetians, Napoleon, Austro-Hungarians, Italians - all left their traces here. These traces can be found on each and every step in streets and squares of Novigrad-Cittanova - in its rich cultural and historical heritage - its Venetian Gothic mansions and the city loggia, residential palaces...

Novigrad - panoramic view

Novigrad - panoramic view

Novigrad’s attractions include:
Novigrad - Crypt below St. Pelagije and St. Maksim

Novigrad - Crypt below St. Pelagije and St. Maksim church

Behind the high altar of the St. Pelagius' Church lies a sunken (early) Romanesque crypt, the only of its kind in Istria, and one of only a few in Croatia. The crypt has three naves, with strong cross vaults and two small, vaulted spaces in the dead corners. In the central part, the confessio (chamber with holy tomb) is located, bearing an inscription with the name of Bishop Adam from the year 1146.


Novigrad - karpinjan-beach

Novigrad - Karpinjan-beach

Beaches in Novigrad are typical for Istria. There is a town beach just out the town walls. It is not a beach in a real sense of the word, but cemented sunbathing platforms.

The really good beaches like Karpinjan Beach, Maestral Beach, Mareda Beach, Sirena Beach and Laguna Beach are one or two kilometers out of town, reachable by illuminated walking and cycling path, road access is also available.

Novigrad - SSirena Beach

Novigrad - Sirena Beach

Novigrad - Old Town

Novigrad - Old Town

Novigrad festivals

Novigrad, especially in the summer time, has many festivals, their specialty - gourmet festivals, and there is a lot of good food, especially seafood with very affordable prices. There is a variety of little restaurants, local »konoba«, coffee bars; everybody can find a spot for themselves.

Novigrad - Belvedere

Novigrad - Belvedere



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