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English language marketing agents for estate agents in Croatia

English language marketing agents for estate agents

First. Please remember that Euroburo Ltd does not sell property as such. We act as English language marketing agents for selected estate agents in several countries, including Croatia. Our role is to introduce clients to these various agents and you as purchaser buy the property from the seller using the services of the agent in that country under the laws of that country and not from or through Euroburo Ltd. That said we always do our utmost to ensure that you are in good hands and we know all our agents extremely well as we conduct business will then continuously.

Arranging a viewing.

viewing a property in Croatia

Viewing a specific property

If you are interested in viewing a property that you have seen on our website then please send us an enquiry from the site by clicking “Enquire about this property now” at the foot of the individual property page. Once we have your request we will ask our colleagues who are based in Croatia to contact you directly and arrange a meeting. They speak excellent English.

During the viewing you will be shown all the relevant papers concerning the property as well as seeing an extract from the land registry so that you can be sure that the title is in order.

Making an offer

Making an offer on a property in Croatia

You may make an offer verbally or in writing. This will be passed on to the seller for approval.

Deposit payment

Property deposit checklist for Croatia


Once the offer is accepted a preliminary contract is prepared which contains all the due dates and obligations of both buyer and seller. A deposit of 15% is usually required and our agents will help you to transfer this. In Croatia both buyer and seller pay a commission to the selling agent of 3%. The buyers’ 3% is included in the 15% mentioned above.

The preliminary contract is verified by the Notary. The cost of the Notary is paid by the buyer – approx 200 Croatian Kunas or around € 25. The preliminary contract is verified in Croatian but will be translated for the client if required.

Do you need a lawyer?

The Notary normally deals with everything but a lawyer can be hired at the request of the buyer or seller at their expense.

The land registry

Property - land registry in Croatia

Land registry and utilities

The estate agent in Croatia deals with the land registry on behalf of the buyer.

Registration takes approximately 1 – 4 weeks depending on their work load. If the buyer is purchasing from a non Croatian citizen then registration can take the full four weeks.

The agents will require a verified authorization to display to the Municipal Court, the Croatian water supply, Electricity Company and so on.

There are stamp duty costs of approximately € 30

Bank Bureaucracy

Bank Bureaucracy

Opening a bank account in Croatia

Our agents will introduce you to a local bank. You can then have an on-line account from which your electricity bills etc can be paid in the local currency – Kuna.

You will require your passport for identification purposes.



Property transfer tax

A property tax of 5% of the purchase price has to be paid to the Croatian government by the buyer within 30 days. The papers will be sent to your home address but if you contact our local agents again they will assist you with the paperwork.

Currency transfer

When you need to transfer funds to Croatia we can help you to open an account with an International FX company who will offer you a far better exchange rate than you can usually get from your bank. Please ask for details. It can save you a lot of money.

Letting the property in Croatia

Letting the property

Letting the property

There are lots of property letting agents all along the Croatian coast. They are easy to find and you can discuss your requirements with them directly. Letting is seasonal of course mostly in the summer months.

Property insurance

In our view it is best to arrange new property insurance in your own name as you can then decide what cover you really need. It is also possible to take over the existing policy from the previous owner and you should discuss insurance arrangements with the local agents.

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